I understand I will receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours, or the next business day, verifying my request has been received. All prices are per month rates.

*All new customers are subject to credit check and applicable fees prior to installation.

If you have any questions about services or features, please contact us at 719-676-3131.

Internet/Phone Only Bundles:

55/10 = $92.49/Mo
100/25 = $118.49/Mo
The GIG = $202.49/Mo

High Speed Internet Upgrade:

High Speed Internet requires installation/activation fees. Our staff will provide additional details.

*Prices shown are with active telephone service.
*Download and upload speeds may vary.

High Speed - A La Carte

5 Mbps = $59.95/Mo
10 Mbps = $79.95/Mo
55 Mbps = $92.49/Mo
100 Mbps = $118.49/Mo
1 Gbps = $202.49/Mo


Residential Service* = $19.70/Mo
Business Service* = $30.00/Mo
Non-Listed = $1.00/Mo
Non-Published = $1.50/Mo

Calling Features:

Caller ID/Call Waiting = $6.00/Mo
Voice Mail = $4.00/Mo

Other Calling Features Not Listed:

Long Distance - RTC:


Inside Wire Maintenance:

Yes = $2.75/Mo

Cable TV Services:

Television services requires installation/activation fees. Our staff will provide additional details.

**Requires digital cable service.
***Requires digital service and set top box.

Basic Cable = $74.95/Mo
Digital Cable = $93.95/Mo
Multi Room DVR** = $19.95/Mo
Standard Receiver** = $6.95/Mo
M Card = $4.95/Mo

Movie Channels:

HBO (6 Channels)*** = $16.75/Mo
Cinemax (4 Channels)*** = $10.75/Mo
Starz/Encore (12 Channels)*** = $10.75/Mo
Showtime/TMC (10 Channels)*** = $13.75/Mo

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